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Welcome to Shafershorestoo. We are the Bertagnolli family and we are Shafershorestoo.  Please come and relax at our cozy lakefront cottages.  When was the last time you went on a really simple, no hassle vacation on one tank of gas?

When was the last time you walked into a vacation place and you just immediately felt like home?

As you walk to the front of the cottage and stand  in our screened in porch the view of the lake is awesome. You can hear the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore and enjoy the activities on the lake. Anything you may need for watersports at a local marina in town.   Who needs a pool when you have a huge lake in front of you?

Our  cottages have been a favorite vacation spot for families that have been coming for 20-30 years. They are known for their cleanliness and convinient location on the lake. 1/4 miles south of our cottages is a boat lauch across the street from Tall Timber Marina.  If you forget something there is a convenience store just half mile south.

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