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We are located 1 mile north to Indiana Beach. We are 5 miles to Monticello. 95 miles from Indianapolis.  120 miles from Chicago.  200 miles from Cincinnati. 200 miles from Louisville, KY. and 250 miles from Madison, WI

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I-65 SOUTH TO EXIT 201 TURN LEFT THAT'S 24 EAST.  STAY ON 24 EAST.  IT GOES THRU Wilcott, then Reynold.  It curves a lot but just stay on it.  Follow the signs into Monticello (approx 20 miles).  When you come into Monticello, you will pass Walmart of the left and keepon going to the Main intersection.  (Walmart & Family Express) At 6th Street turn left and stay on 6th Street.  It will curve and become West Shafer Drive.  You will pass entrance to Indiana Beach (1 1/2 miles to the cottages).  The road will curve to the right (North West Shafer Drive) and you will stay on it for 1 mile.  On the right hand side you will see a small sign SHAFER SHORES TOO after the big SHAFER SHORES sign.  Turn right into the drive and the cottage sit back close to the lake.

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